Adam Fikso
Mon, 26 Jul 2010 10:05:44 PDT

Aah!.  But Ben, When a person's proper name is botanized,  e.g.,The iris 
gatesii after the Rev.Gates naming the oncocylus iris ...  Isn't the name 
preserved as originally pronounced in the original language and only the 
ending added as evidence of the botanization/latinization? .  The name 
"Gates" is originally pronounced as one syllable to memorialize him--No?  Is 
the rule for pronunciation written down somewhere?.

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> It does not matter if Mr Schijff was dutch or not All plant names are in
> latin so should be pronounced as such ( of course everyone has its own
> "latin" pronunciation). The rule is that in most latin names the accent
> is on the third "syllable" So I say jonEsii not jOnesii. ( with each i
> as in keen) I say PurpUrea not purpurEa

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