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Adam Fikso
Tue, 27 Jul 2010 16:59:29 PDT
Dell--Your pronunciation is probably close to mine.

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> My two-cent's worth:  "church Latin," which is pronounced differently from
> the Latin taught in American secular schools, is also pronounced 
> differently
> in different Christian countries.
> My strategy has followed that of one of the contributors to this 
> discussion:
> say plant names as if you knew what you were saying, in a confident voice.
> Once, a couple of self-styled plant "experts" corrected my pronunciation 
> of
> "colchicum." And another time a plant purveyor corrected my pronunciation 
> of
> "chionodoxa." (I use the sound /k/ for the Greek "ch") In both cases I 
> went
> on pronouncing my way, and received smug pleasure from their horror at my
> ignorance.
> Dell
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