Lycoris: Withholding Ain't My Thing

Jim McKenney
Fri, 02 Jul 2010 09:57:59 PDT
David, I think you're headed in the wrong direction. 


Mary Sue has mentioned in the past that she cannot grow Lycoris in the
garden, and as I recall she attributes that to summer drought. 


They grow and bloom yearly here in the east where they get plenty of summer


Jim Waddick has mentioned seeing wild plants growing at the verges of
drainage ditches. 


Plants of Lycoris aurea in my protected cold frame (kept dry in the summer)
grew beautifully during the first year and when checked a few months ago had
shriveled to little bulbs.


Years ago, we had a severe summer drought; when the plants of Lycoris
squamigera came into bloom, the scapes were only about six inches high.  


You should probably be giving them more water rather than less and making an
effort to keep them steadily moist rather than letting them dry out


Watering after a dry period probably does not trigger flowering in Lycoris
as it seems to in Habranthus. I think the jury is still out on exactly what
triggers flowering in Lycoris, but it does not seem to be water after


I think they also need summer heat to flower well – that should be no
problem for you!  


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