Ismene 'Sulfur Queen'

Jim McKenney
Fri, 02 Jul 2010 17:48:14 PDT
'Sulfur Queen' is a favorite here.


Those of you who only know it from a gussied-up catalog picture (where the
yellow is falsely bright and rich) will be disappointed when you see the
real thing. But the real thing is moonlight yellow, the yellow of Nelumbo
lutea or the yellow of so many nineteenth century tea noisette roses such as
'Marechal Niel' or 'Lamarque'. And in heat and bright light the yellow is
evanescent - be sure to see the newly opened flower early in the morning. By
noon under my conditions much of the yellow will have faded to an indecisive


The stock I grow has fine flowers, very fragrant and very beautiful, large,
well formed and with all the important parts present in six replications.


A big bouquet of this one is a real luxury. 


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