Lilies of China

Josh Young
Tue, 27 Jul 2010 08:00:53 PDT
I'm not much of a liliophile, I haven't had much introduction besides the common 
hybrids seen in big box stores, one lily tho that does catch my eye is Lilium 
wenshanense!  It has a great cream flower with a dark almost chocolate color 
stamen!  This lily is slowly causing me to cheat on my Amaryllids!

Josh Young
Anderson, IN 

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Subject: [pbs] Lilies of China

Dear Friends,
    I read the newest 'Bulb Garden'* with interest as always, especially the 
cover article on Quarryhill Gardens and Chinese lilies, but was sort of 
surprised to  miss mention of Lilium rosthornii. This is apparently rather 
uncommon in nature and some literature references suggest it is simply a form of 
the closely related L. henryi.

    Mine just happens to be blooming now and I wonder how widely this is grown. 
I got mine directly from China a few years ago and it has slowly developed into 
a few blooming stems.

    Appreciate comments from liliophiles.        Best        Jim W.

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