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J.E. Shields
Sun, 04 Jul 2010 13:33:16 PDT
I think I'm going to have to start digging  into some of my old issues of 
HERBERTIA/PLANT LIFE for the facts.  Woelfle, Korsakopff, and Caldwell all 
did some interesting hybridizing 40 to 60 years ago.  I came into it at the 
tail end, and never did get many interesting Hymenocallis crosses, none in 

Due to that LONG time ago, my recollections are subject to revision and 
need verification, I'm afraid.

Jim Shields

At 04:20 PM 7/4/2010 -0400, you wrote:
>Jim Shields asked " Has anyone seen or does anyone grow either 'Pax' or
>Jim Shields already knows this, but some members of this group might find it
>amusing. I first became aware of Jim Shields LONG ago when I ordered 'Pax'
>and 'Helios' from him. At the time, I was hot for a genuinely yellow ismene,
>and as a result I was not too impressed with them: when they bloomed, I
>would stare at them trying to imagine that they were yellower than they
>really were. I soon lost interest in them.
>Jim, I thought it was one Alex Korsakoff (spelling?) who raised these
>Jim McKenney
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