Eucomis revisited

Brian Whyer
Tue, 20 Jul 2010 02:23:00 PDT
One thing we should not forget about Eucomis is how easy they are to increase, by seed or by division. I have grown "E. autumnalis" from seed (origin Avon Bulbs) for some years, and distributed it locally as such. It's a nice dwarf with to me a pleasant scent, unlike the old comosa forms. Hardy here in pots unprotected or in the ground. The only giant form of E. autumnalis I have seen is in Kirstenbosch, at 3 feet or so, but I guess there might be a whole range in between these sizes now.
Recently I bought a another showy dwarf labeled "Aloha Lily Leia" which is registered to Golden State Bulb Growers but sold here in garden centres through Holland. A 6" pot with 5 or 6 blooms for £7. John Grimshaw's blog shows it at… way down page.
He describes it well, although I find the scent pleasant and the colour almost, when young, tends to strawberry pink, ageing to purple brown now.
Brian Whyer, Buckinghamshire, England, zone ~8


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