Ina Crossley klazina1@gmail.com
Wed, 07 Jul 2010 12:30:02 PDT
What colour Zephyranthes flowers?  If it is the white Z. Candida, mine 
never get fertilised, are crowded like anything, have been in the same 
place for years, and flower faithfully from January into April.  They 
would possibly be better spread out a bit more, but flopping flowers are 
not the result.

This is Auckland New Zealand we are talking about.  Hence different 
seasons from yours.  If the flowers flop, I wonder if there is something 
else the matter.  I have lots of different varieties of Zephyranthes and 
none of them have ever flopped.  Is there someone with more knowledge of 
this who has any suggestions?

Temperatures have a lot of bearing on Rain lilies, and the amount of 
sun, although even with that, the Z. Candida is very easy going.  My 
biggest clump hardly gets any sun.

Ina Crossley   Auckland New Zealand where it is wild and woolly winter 

Vicki McKernan wrote:
> Can someone provide some information for me regarding Zephyranthes (ran
> lilies)?  I purchased some a few years ago from a local K-Mart simply
> because they were so cute!  They rewarded me with many blooms for a few
> years.  This year they have just flopped and not done anything.  Should they
> be dug up and separated  once in a while (are they too crowded and perhaps
> that is why they do not bloom?) Any suggestions would be greatly
> appreciated!
> Vicki McKernan
> Knoxville, TN

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