Ismene 'Sulfur Queen'

David Ehrlich
Fri, 02 Jul 2010 15:57:03 PDT
Roland asked: Isn't the new name for Ismene now Hymenocallis
or did they bring the old name back

Ismene is sgregated from Hymenocallis on genetic grounds.  Ismene is part of the 
Peruvian Andean clade while Hymenocallis is centered in North and Central 
America.  Physically, Ismene forms a pseudostem, while Hymenocallis leaves are 
all basal; Ismene tepals all have a green midstripe, while those of Hymenocalis 
are pure white; Ismene stamens form an angle with the corona, while those of 
Hymenocallis tend to be in line.

I have grown Sulphur Queen in the past, and its anthers bore pollen, though I 
don't know whether the flowers were fertile.  I am currently growing some Ismene 
which I bought nearly a decade ago at a big box store, so it is probably a 
hybrid.  But, the flowers are pure white (with green midstripe) lightly scented, 
and fertile.  And I am growing the seedlings from it.

David E 

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