Agapanthus - recommend cold hardy cvs.

Ellen Hornig
Sat, 05 Jun 2010 10:10:36 PDT
A. campanulatus 'Mooreanus' came to me from a garden in central Illinois, where it grew for roughly 30 years.  I'm told it's zone 5 there, and they assuredly don't have regular snow cover.  When we were growing it for production, I kept two stock rows in an open garden, and the plants grew and bloomed lustily with no protection.  I'm guessing they don't come much cold-hardier than this one.


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>>Pinockio is tested in The Netherlands without cover at -18°C
>>my coldest winter here was -12°C
>Dear Roland and all,
>	This cv is marketed as 'Pinocchio' in the 
>US . I just went through a half dozen bulb 
>references (it wasn't even in Phillips and Rix!) 
>and found no hardiness recommendation colder than 
>Zone 7. Close enough, but your -12 C is my 10.4 F 
>and not even close to most winters here that get 
>below 0 F or -5 F (-17 to  -20 C). We get these 
>temps for extended period of night and day, not 
>just a passing overnight coldest temp.
>	I need convincing they are hardy in Zone 
>5.  Missouri is the 'Show Me ' state. 'Nuf sed'
>		Best	Jim
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