Crinum pedunculatum

Jay Yourch
Wed, 16 Jun 2010 10:15:05 PDT
Hi all,

My Crinum pedunculatum is flowering.  It's tender in my climate so I
grow it in a large container on my deck during the growing season and
store it in my unheated, but frost free, garage from late autumn
through early spring.  Its container gives it a boost in height,
placing the flowers are a little over my head and I'm over 6 feet
(1.8m) tall, so it makes an impressive container plant whether
flowering or not.  This plant was grown from seed sown in 2006, 4
years to grow to flowering size.  It's been much easier in cultivation
for me than C. asiaticum, which is prone to red spotted leaves during
late summer and also leaf shedding when it gets consistently chilly in
the garage during the winter.  My C. pedunculatum loses few, if any,
leaves during winter and comes out of storage looking much like it did
when it went in, which probably speeds its growth.  The garage has 3
large windows facing southeast, allowing the plant to get some light
during the winter. It has begun to offset, so when I get around to
removing them I'll be certain to share them with the PBS BX if there's
interest.  I've been applying pollen from a superior form of Crinum
xherbertii (C. bulbispermum x C. scabrum) to these flowers with the
hope of getting some hybrid seedlings which might have enough cold
tolerance to survive outdoors and thrive in my climate.

If you're interested in seeing the pictures on the wiki the link is:…

If you want to see larger, higher resolution photos the Picasa links are:……


Jay Yourch
Raleigh, North Carolina (Zone 7b)

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