A Tale of Two Amarcrinums

James Waddick jwaddick@kc.rr.com
Fri, 25 Jun 2010 08:39:21 PDT
Dear Friends,
	A few years ago, a generous PBS member sent me a bulb of 
xAmarcrinum. It has grown well and expanded in its nursery pot, but I 
have not yet been brave enough to try it in the ground. I'd sure 
appreciate any experience with hardiness of this hybrid outdoors in 
Zone 5/6.
	Ths fall, I'll pot up one of the suckers and winter it in the 
green house along with its parent, but plant the 'pup' outdoors next 
spring. Still no bloom.

	Two years ago I saw bulbs of xAmarcrinum at a local garden 
center. You know those things hanging on the wall in plastic bags 
from some anonymous Dutch wholesaler?  Since my original had not 
bloomed, I bought a second for a different test subject. This bulb 
also went into a similar size and shape pot and had produced 2 pups 
before the end of the first season. It has continued to grow more 
vigorously than  my first specimen. I was suspicious.

	Now it has sent up a flower spike and my fears were confirmed 
- C. x powellii and a not very good one at that.

	Crinum x powellii is a good hardy Crinum for me, but I not 
need more. I plan to donate some to the BX later this year.

	When should xAmarcrinum actually bloom and will it even do so 
in a large nursery pot? Together with hardiness comments, maybe I 
should just give up on this all together.

	I need encouragement or dis -....

	The best of times, the worst of times........... 
	Best	Jim W.

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