Dormant bulbs
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I have a  related question now that I hope one of our professional growers 
can  answer. I need to lift a lot of narcissus and colchicum bulbs to move 
them  to my new garden. Our region has just experienced the wettest late 
spring  ever recorded, and the soil is much damper than it would normally 
at  this time of year. My instinct tells me that I should leave these bulbs 
undisturbed until the soil dries out, even if their foliage has withered.  
this right, or can I lift and replant them even if there is still some  
moisture in the soil? The soil here is well drained gritty loam, but not  
sand. And should I spread out the colchicum corms in a dry place after I  
lift them, or can I just put them in paper bags for 4 to 6  weeks?

I moved my entire garden in the Cincinnati area in late spring. I dug the  
entire clumps of daffodils and put each clump in a grocery store paper bag, 
with  all soil still attached. At the new garden I dug the holes and put the 
clumps in  place and watered them in. No losses.  Did the same with the  
Bulbous plants are pretty tough.
Bill Lee

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