John Grimshaw
Sat, 05 Jun 2010 04:57:15 PDT
David Pilling wrote:

>Agapanthus - old wisdom, which I find true, roots have to be confined if 
>they're to flower.

Personally I find this to be one of the most pernicious nonsenses in 
gardening. It is palpably untrue for the hardy ones grown in the ground in 
the UK, and equally so when the evergreen sare grown in suitable climates. 
Potted plants, in my experience, diminish in flower abundance as soon as 
they become crowded in their pots.

I spent some time this week repotting a collection of Agapanthus that had 
not been done for some time: their roots completely filled the pots. In some 
cases there was NO soil visible and they were bone dry, despite having been 
watered daily for weeks - not good for a plant that enjoys good living and 
ample moisture when in growth. I do not expect the worst of these to flower 
at all this year, but next year, when their roots will again be filling 
their pots they should flower well.

Perhaps if there is some way of getting sufficient water and food into 
rootbound pots they will also perform well, but without this I cannot 
believe it.

John Grimshaw

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