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CGeat25049@aol.com CGeat25049@aol.com
Sat, 05 Jun 2010 08:52:46 PDT
G,day all,
 I bought two 3 gallon pots of agapanthus at Walmart about three  years 
ago. I bumped them up to  fourteen inchers and when the roots on that  started 
to girdle, I moved the plants into  twenty inch pots. They have  bloomed 
every year without fail. I am in zone ten where the winters are about  one week 
long. : ) Unfortunately, I can't say what the variety is except they  are 
blue and foliage is 2- 3 feet high. I have also bought agapanthus Getty  
White and Storm Cloud about two years ago potted in those skinny 5 inch  rose 
pots. They are budding and blooming for the first time right now in 3  gallon 
  It does seem to be a contradiction that some plants supposedly need  
crowded roots in order to bloom when they have free root room in the wild. In my 
 case they bloom at the appropriate time even right after they have been 
potted  up.  Can anyone explain the rational behind this situation?
 Cherry Geathers

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