Crinum in MO - replies

Matt Mattus
Sat, 05 Jun 2010 13:38:56 PDT
Four years ago, I divided some Agapanthus and other South African plants
from the greenhouse, and since I just couldn't toss them all into the
compost pile, here, where I live in Worcester, MA ( USDA Zone 5/5b in
central Massachusetts), I decided to plant some out in the garden.

I planted some divisions or Agapanthus 'Stormcloud', not known as a 'hardy
form, in ordinary garden soil in a sunny front bed where I have successfully
wintered over other marginal plants like some of Ellen Hornig's hardier
Kniphofia's and where I have had some luck with some Eremurus hybrids, which
I have planted in plain granite gravel pits. These are in bloom today, after
6 years, but no sign of the Agapanthus this year.

I was going to try some Crinum oudoors this year, but not sure which ones I
might experiment with. The few I planted into the garden never survived,
even when planted deeper.

Matt Mattus
Zone 5/5b
Central, MA USA

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> It (Seneca Hill Perennials) isn't quite my former nursery, because we'll
> certainly be selling for the next year (write me at <>

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