Kathleen Sayce
Tue, 08 Jun 2010 19:01:36 PDT
Last year I planted three Eremerus plants in a dry bed. One did not  
emerge and of the two that did, one promptly died, and the second  
lingered for some weeks before dying as well, apparently of a fungal  
rot. My conclusion was that the dry bed was not dry enough for them.

This year, the third plant, which did not emerge last year, sent up a  
gorgeous cluster of leaves. Three days ago, the heart of the cluster  
was eaten out by a deer. The same night, my tallest stem of Lilium  
superbum was munched on one side, enough to topple the stalk. While I  
know deer take the occasional mouthful of lilies, usually the tip  
with all flower buds, this was the first I knew that they may include  
Eremerus in their snacking. I have no idea if this bulb will survive  
to try sending up leaves next year.

To date, I've now killed five Eremerus, and feel that I have to call  
a halt to even trying to grow this plant. I have two seedlings in a  
pot, so will continue to grow them on towards flowering size. And  
keep the deer away from them too. This probably should have been  
titled: deer arrggh!

zone 8, coastal Pacific NW

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