Dormant bulbs

Sat, 26 Jun 2010 08:27:13 PDT
Dear Arnold,
You do surprise me with such a basic question from an established bulb 
For me it is simple, there is no better packaging for a bulb than soil. So 
plant as soon as you can. Concerning watering, just observe the climat where 
the bulbs originally grow.  Most Narcissus have permanent roots and make new 
ones from the end of July onwards. (so a slight bit of humidity or rain is 
recommended).  Polyxena has dry summers  with rain early autumn.
Concerning temperatures it is the same thing; imitate the  relatif cool 
temperatures at 10cm depth in a shaded position. If growth/shoots appear you 
are allready late.
 This advice is for the perfectionists amongst us. The good thing about 
bulbs is that they are rather tolerant to non-optimal conditions.
Here in the Provence it is now getting very hot and dry.  Not the kind of 
weather to dig the garden and plant bulbs. Nevertheless  we encourage our 
customers to plant now until the end of august. Bulbs are now lifted and 
next week we will start sending out the parcels.

Kind greetings

Lauw de Jager
South of France
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Specifically Narcissus and Polyxena.
 Should they be potted up and played in a cool location until sign of growth 
 Left in paper bag in warm location?

My gut feeling is pot up and place in cool location until signs of growth 
show and then give a good watering.

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