Scilla peruviana

Adam Fikso
Mon, 28 Jun 2010 10:59:21 PDT
Boyce?  When you say, "lining  the edge of the basement wall"  --How close 
is tht in inches.  And did they go into the winter dry?  How deep?

Mine were down about 6" and at 24" from the wall.  Too far out, I  think, 
but OK for the Eucomis, Crinums, small Zantedeschias, and gladioli.

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> Hi Jim:
> Yes, I was as surprised as anyone else that it has survived and
> flowered. Interestingly enough, the production of foliage has commenced
> earlier in the growing season (unlike it's sibling in a container). I've
> noticed similar 'switches in season of growth' with the Hippeastrum that
> have also come through the winters in a similar setting.  Have to admit,
> the landscape on the south side of my house is a bit 'odd' with the
> tender geophytes lining the edge of the basement wall and more hardy
> plants in front of them. This is also the location I have had the best
> luck growing hybrid tea roses - they simply freeze out everywhere else.
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> "I think those of you who are contemplating keeping Scilla peruviana in
> the
> garden in areas where winters have long periods of sub-freezing
> temperatures
> are setting yourselves up for disappointment."
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