Onions in the Kitchen and the Laboratory and the garden in progress

James Waddick jwaddick@kc.rr.com
Fri, 11 Jun 2010 06:28:06 PDT
Dear Judy,

	Thanks for this heads up


	Considering the 'foodies' on this list I am surprised no one 
else has commented.

	For some reasons onions have been extremely expensive for the 
last couple of months here. Normally in the 30-40 cents/lb, recently 
they have been above $1 /lb and ranged pretty close to $2/lb for a 
while. And some specialty onions (red) have been over $2/lb.  Wonder 
why? Oil spill?

	This is , I understand, ramp season in the eastern US. A 
delicacy I have never tried, but I hear good things. It is also the 
time for garlic flowers, the heads can be harvested and used in 
dishes with a distinct flavor of their own.

	And I recently was reading about 'black garlic', a fermented 
garlic that turns the bulbs black and produces a delicate sweet- sour 
flavor, but these have not appeared in my local food stores.

	Ornamental Allium are still blooming here and the close 
Ornithogalum with O. ponticum still the most ornamental in my garden.

	Eremerus is fading, alas. I really should get a wider range 
of colors as they do very well in my prairie situation.

	The season has progressed to lilies with a few open and lots 
in bud. Some remarkable new hybrids available now.

	So how does your garden grow?	Best	Jim W.

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