Crinum now Agapanthus
Fri, 04 Jun 2010 18:08:24 PDT
I've germinated two sowings of Silverhill Agapanthus campanulatus 
seeds: the first, in 9/99, hasn't bloomed yet and is of questionable 
hardiness; the second, ssp. campanulatus was in 3/03 and had been going 
great guns ever since.  It hasn't bloomed every year, probably because 
of excessive division (5 pieces this year), but it takes the winters 
without protection, albeit not far from the sheltered south side of the 
house.  It has set seed and I'm supposed to have a seedling somewhere 
but I blush to report I seem to have lost track of it.  There is 
nothing special about the soil; it is somewhat acidic.
Jim Jones
Lexington, MA

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