Was Hybrids Species now Cleistogamy.

Adam Fikso adam14113@ameritech.net
Wed, 16 Jun 2010 13:41:46 PDT
Del--you're right.  I hadn't thought it out.  I use Dogpile (used by many 
research librarians).  Less garbage.  And in my self-centerednessdidn't 
think about other people's search techniques, nor Google, which I despise, 
because of what you say. And some of that comes up on Dogpile because it 
includes Google.  A friend uses Scirus which is for science only and don't 
know how it would serve here.   I'll have to recheck it.  It is 
science-specific and might be the answer.

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A small part of the problem is that most people "Google" before they ask 
questions,quite often. Unfortunately, Google does not have all the 
answers,nor does it always have the best answers. There are many other 
search engines. Google has,more than ever,been giving the information which 
pays the most 

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