Codonopsis ID

Hafsteinn Hafliðason
Sun, 06 Jun 2010 04:47:27 PDT
Hello Jan!

Seems to be - or a lot like - Codonopsis clematidea. Can it be so?

Smelly flowers?

Quite commonly grown in icelandic gardens, - mainly in the north.
Does well where - and when - it is sheltered by snow-cover during winters.

Thrives in light soil mixed with a lot of pumice - prefers dry places like 
stony hills or scree beds.

Central-Asian origin. Campanulaceae.

Best wishes,

Hafsteinn Hafl.

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Dear all,

I have waited 7 years for this! Today my first, one and only Codonopsis
started to bloom. I received the seeds a without epitheton. Can somebody
help with the ID, please?

The link:…

thank you,
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