Uli Urban
Sun, 06 Jun 2010 15:53:00 PDT
Dear All,

Back on the list as I stopped it for some time during my trip to
California and afterwards.

The time in California in April was wonderful, it was a glorious spring
with a lot of flowers, I saw beautiful gardens and natural places that
looked as beautiful as the man-made ones or even more so.  One of the
most lasting pictures was a dry sandy valley full of tree lupins in all
shades of blue and purple and a wonderful fragrance. Also a meadow full
of Salvia carduacea in full bloom.....  and beaches along Highway No 1
full of sea lions..... sorry to go astray from geophytes..... but here
they were as well, Delphiniums, Alliums, Calochortus, Lilium,
Brodiaea..... I met interesting and very hospitable and friendly people
and was taken to a two-day trip to the Carrizo plain in flower.....
The Botanical Gardens of San Diego, Strybing and Berkeley, the Santa
Cruz Arboretum and Tilden Park each were spectacular in their own way to
a point that almost made me go depressed.... because I felt it so unfair
that you Californians can grow so very many plants in one garden, plants
I can only dream of.....
The South African bulb plantings at Berkely were particularly colourful
when I was there.
The end of the trip was a bit stressful as my return flight was
cancelled due to the volcanic ashes..... so my stay in California was
extended.... I stayed with friends who were extremely helpful and
supporting. I felt I was quickly succumbing to the charm of the

With greetings from Germany..... first warm summer days here after a
VERY long and cold winter


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