Contributions to The Bulb Garden

Jane McGary
Sun, 27 Jun 2010 10:18:30 PDT
Hello, all,

The print newsletter that goes out to dues-paying PBS members, "The 
Bulb Garden," is flourishing in the hands of its new editor, Jane 
Merryman, but she needs more contributions.

Please consider writing an article, which can be quite brief, on some 
topic of special interest. This can reflect your gardening experience 
with bulbs, or your botanical expertise, or your knowledge of good 
places to visit and view bulbous plants -- either in public gardens 
or in nature.

I'd especially like to encourage our members outside North America to 
contribute. If you would like to write an article in a language other 
than English, we will translate it: we have many members who are 
bilingual in English and some other language.

If you can help with this, please write directly to Jane Merryman,

You can also write to me,, if you have any 
questions I might be able to help with.

Thank you!

Jane McGary
President, Pacific Bulb Society

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