Haemanthus and Scadoxus Culture

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Jonathan Hutchinson raises an interesting point!

Dee Snijman in her book, "The Genus Haemanthus. A revision" (National 
Botanic Gardens of South Africa, 1984) spells it "katherinae" as does John 
Bryan in "Bulbs" Revised Edition, Timber Press, 2002.  I suppose John and 
Dee could both be wrong; Scadoxus was only a side issue in Dee's book, and 
John was covering the whole spectrum of bulbs in his.

Perhaps you could share your source with us, Jonathan?  I've never seen the 
original Baker description of the subspecies, nor the 1976 Friis and Nordal 
revision of Haemanthus and Scadoxus.  I'd certainly like to have a copy of 
the Friis & Nordal paper.

Jim Shields

At 12:48 PM 6/28/2010 +0100, you wrote:
>The correct spelling for the Scadoxus multiflorus subspecies is actually 
>katharinea, named after Katharine Saunders .... Not a lot of people know that.
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>I'll post some notes on these two genera here in response to an inquiry.
>I only have experience with Scadoxus multiflorus katherinae, S.
>membranaceus, and S. puniceus.  All three are summer-growing and, under my
>conditions, deciduous in winter.  All three go outdoors in Spring (May,
>here) after all danger of frost is past and stay there till September
>(early autumn).
>S. puniceus is by far the easiest to grow.  It blooms in February, just
>before the new leaves appear.
>S, membranaceus and multiflorus katherinae bloom less reliably for me; I
>have the feeling they would do better if they were grown evergreen, but my
>greenhouse conditions do not seem to allow that.
>I hope this is of some help to enthusiasts of Haemanthus and Scadoxus.
>Jim Shields
>in hot and humid central Indiana

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