Eucrosia mirabilis: Peruvian Parasol

Jacob Knecht
Tue, 22 Jun 2010 16:00:41 PDT
Dear PBS members,

We are so happy to be blooming *Eucrosia mirabilis* for the first time.
Really been a treat with 18 - 10cm flowers on a 1m peduncle. This has got to
be one the tallest inflorescences made by any member of the Amaryllidaceae
(not including *Crinum*).  This was purchased as a seedling bulb from Telos
Rare Bulbs in 2006 and until this year was grown outdoors in Honolulu where
it was quite tolerant of high rainfall whilst in active growth (it had
excellent drainage).  Each year the leaves have grown larger than the next,
much larger than *E. bicolor* produces.



Jacob Knecht
Berkeley, California


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