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>Personally I find this to be one of the most pernicious nonsenses in

I merely offer the observation that *my* agapanthus only started to 
flower when they had filled their pots, on being moved to larger pots 
(without splitting or disturbance) they stopped flowering until they 
filled those pots.

I have read (RHS?) that this is an old fashioned idea and that there are 
now better ways of getting agapanthus to flower (applying potash?), say 
what you like it is disappointing when many years go by with no flowers.

It is easy to interpret anecdote in different ways, perhaps my 
experience was due to the plants having been in pots too small for a 
year. Or I often struggle to dig big enough holes in the grounds for 
plants, due to rocks - "in the ground" doesn't mean infinite room to 

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