When to Plant Crinum in Garden

Judy Glattstein jgglatt@gmail.com
Sat, 05 Jun 2010 10:37:20 PDT
This is really theoretical for me at this point as I broke my right 
ankle a month ago. There's an erector set holding things together, I'm 
in an air cast, can begin weight bearing (with support such as crutches) 
but digging is out of the question. So, looking forward to the future 
when gardening is again possible -

I have two pots of unnamed crinum. One has pink flowers, the other has 
white flowers. Both make offsets.

If I want to separate offsets and plant out in the garden would next 
spring be the better option?

Would you do both operations - separate and plant out - in one day?

Or would you suggest that I separate later this this summer, pot up 
individually and plant out next spring. The greenhouse is already 
crowded but perhaps they'd "sleep" in the garage.

On another topic: I have Agapanthus Peter Pan. Modest size, evergreen, 
sits on greenhouse floor in winter with an occasional dribble of water. 
Outdoors when weather moderates, more water, and flowers nicely with sky 
blue flowers. Smaller size makes it more convenient as a potted plant.

regards from hip hop Judy in zone 6 New Jersey, where the Musa basjoo 
banana outside my current bedroom is growing by leaps and bounds

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