Ixia campanulata and Legacy Bulbs

Mary Sue Ittner msittner@mcn.org
Wed, 23 Jun 2010 06:58:56 PDT

I've added the seventh Legacy Bulbs page to the wiki which lists 
bulbs that naturalize from Ixia through Lycoris.

Thanks to Janos Agoston for providing some of the Lilium photos we didn't have.

When Kathleen Sayce created text for these pages she looked in 
multiple data bases to supplement suggestions from our group. I have 
a question about the first Ixia that is on the list, Ixia 
campanulata. Her research says this bulb has naturalized in Australia 
and the British Isles. She also had it listed from the county in 
California where I live, but it isn't listed in the Flora of 
Mendocino County and I suspect that any Ixias in my county that 
survive are probably hybrids. I'm not convinced that people who are 
experts on their flora would always have the resources to correctly 
identify a bulb to the species level, especially when there are 50 
species. Does anyone in this group grow it? I don't see a photo in my 
extensive number of books of South African flowers (although I 
haven't looked through them all). In the Ixia monograph it is 
described as bright crimson, sometimes with white streaks outside or 
white with red streaks outside. The photo on the IBS website is 
reminiscent of Babiana villosa (red) and Geissorhiza inflexa (red), 
both also growing near Tulbagh which is where this species is found. 
If it is easy to grow in the ground where I live, I want it so I can 
test this out.

My question for those of you in Australia and the British Isles, can 
any of you confirm that this is indeed the species that has 
naturalized in your areas because I'd like some confirmation if we 
are going to keep it listed. If anyone is growing it and has a photo 
of it to add to the wiki, that would be great as well. Or perhaps 
some of our list members from South Africa have a photo of it?

Mary Sue

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