Japanese beetles

Dell Sherk ds429@comcast.net
Sun, 20 Jun 2010 13:34:03 PDT
My hymenocallis are starting to bloom, and the Japanese beetles have
appeared too. The beetles are very fond of the flowers, and since most
hymenocallis flowers are short-lived, they are usually damaged before they
have had their days in the sun. I go out several times a day and squash the
beetles that are on the flowers,  but this seems relatively futile. I also
have a trap stationed at a distance from the flowers, and it is doing its
job. But does anyone have any suggestions for more effective control of
these loathsome critters? A few years ago, we had a peak season of Japanese
beetles, and I collected ten full bags from my traps. They haven't yet been
as bad again, but I do not imagine that my feeble efforts made much of a
dent in the population, in the long run. I need those Mormon seagulls to
come and help!

I look forward to your advice,


Dell Sherk, SE Pennsylvania, Zone 6/7

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