pbs Digest, Vol 89, Issue 41 on nomenclature

CGeat25049@aol.com CGeat25049@aol.com
Tue, 29 Jun 2010 08:50:58 PDT
I just want to offer an addendum to the rules of nomenclature  that I 
listed before.  Someone mentioned that they thought the species name  had to 
match the gender of the genus name. That is  true  when  the species name is a  
descripive adjective such as  alba/album. When the adjective is a personal 
epithet , such as we have been  discussing ,then the gender of the adjective 
is based on the gender and/or  numbers of the persons being honored.  I will 
have to look a little further  to determine how the adjective is affected 
when it is describing a geographical  location.
 Cherry G

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