Haemanthus and Scadoxus Culture

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Thanks Jim. Gee!  Hardly anybody remembers their 8th grade Latin or didn't 
have the doubtful luxury of that kind of torture.  Worse, I suspect that 
some genera are regarded as belonging to the 4th declension, rather than the 
1st or 2nd., but I don't know whether this is true or not.  Maybe there's a 
priest around who can still understand what he reads, even if he anglicizes 
the pronunciation

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> Except when the specific epithet is in the genitive form, e.g.  Barkera 
> (nom), barkerae (gen); as in Haemanthus barkerae, "Ms. Barker's 
> Haemanthus."
> If we used an adjective form, it mights be "Haemanthus barkerianus" for 
> instance (where are the pedants when we need one!?!)  Might this mean "the 
> Heamanthus that looks like Ms. Barker"?
> Jim
> At 02:48 PM 6/28/2010 -0700, you wrote:
>>The specific epithet has to agree with the gender of the genus, so has 
>>nothing to do with the gender of anyone it commemorates.
>>  T 

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