Ginger - Zingiber

James Waddick
Tue, 29 Jun 2010 12:47:45 PDT
Dear Friends,
	A non - taxonomy, a Non Greek/Latin question please. But this 
might develop a fire storm of foodies.

	I think that Zingiber mioga is considered among the hardiest 
member of the Zingiber genus. After a couple false start,s I have a 
patch growing well and healthy although yet to bloom.  According to 
some google sites the flower buds are shredded and used in Miso soup.

	My Question- are the roots edible, like the "Edible Ginger" - 
Zingiber officinale? Has anyone on the list actually eaten any parts 
of Z. mioga?  I'd assume it is not as strongly flavored as Culinary 
Ginger or has some side/after tastes.

	Appreciate some thoughts before they start attacking ! 
	Thanks	Jim

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