Scilla peruviana

Jim McKenney
Mon, 28 Jun 2010 09:03:31 PDT
I think those of you who are contemplating keeping Scilla peruviana in the
garden in areas where winters have long periods of sub-freezing temperatures
are setting yourselves up for disappointment. 


This plant produces foliage in the late autumn, foliage which, although it
will withstand light freezes, will not ordinarily survive prolonged below
freezing temperatures. 


Dry bulbs deeply planted in the late autumn will not have time to produce
above ground foliage and might survive and even bloom. Plants such as
Boyce's near a heated wall (or in the rain shadow of the roof overhang)
might pull through mild winters once or twice. But once the plants become
established in the garden they will revert to their usual growth pattern and
attempt to put up leaves in the autumn. If these leaves are killed, the
bulbs might still survive in a weakened state; if this happens year after
year they soon disappear. 


In my zone 7 garden even plants in very protected sites die if they are
exposed to the air. Plants in a protected cold frame grow and thrive


The comments above are based on my experiences here in my home garden; they
do not take into account the possibility that hardiness might vary in this


I'm not betting on long term survival in zone 5. 



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