Allium atropurpureum

Stephen Putman
Wed, 23 Jun 2010 08:48:27 PDT
I thought I'd ask some experts before poisoning the eastern United 
States with this.  I bought a pot of Allium atropurpureum a few months 
back as it had an unusual (for me) dark purple, nearly black, flower 
head.  It has just finished with producing some seed.  I was away for 
about two weeks, and on return noticed that one of the flower stalks was 
down.  Closer inspection revealed about 17 bazillion (a technical term 
often used in estimating oil well leakage) little bulblets.  Clearly 
this plant is going to move around a bit.  The question for the 
alliophiles---how badly invasive is this plant?  Shall I get it out of 
the garden fast, or does it remain more or less in one place with just 
occasional escapees?


Steve Putman in scorching Delaware

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