Iris tridentata

Dennis Kramb
Thu, 17 Jun 2010 18:39:16 PDT
That's intriguing!!!  I have plenty of irises to play with.  I think 
I'll stick one of each in there and see what happens.

I suspect the tridentata will thrive indefinitely.  As I mentioned they 
grow in the wild with Sarracenia.  So it seems this is their preferred 
ideal habitat.

Thanks for the feedback, Jim!

Dennis in Cincy wrote:
> My Iris setosa self-sowed into the nutrient-poor Sarracenia bed and, 
> over 2 years, shot up to 5'.  Then, this year, one by one, they keeled 
> over.  It will be interesting to see the fate of your I. tridentata.
> Jim Jones
> Lexington, MA
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