Scilla peruviana

Boyce Tankersley
Mon, 28 Jun 2010 11:58:33 PDT
The tops of my bulbs were planted about 3" down, butted right up against
the wall.  Hard to say how dry they were last fall, however this is the
driest side of the house. Any water following the path down the wall
gets dumped into the gravel lines leading to the basement sump pump.

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Boyce?  When you say, "lining  the edge of the basement wall"  --How
is tht in inches.  And did they go into the winter dry?  How deep?

Mine were down about 6" and at 24" from the wall.  Too far out, I
but OK for the Eucomis, Crinums, small Zantedeschias, and gladioli.

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