Pancratium maritimum
Mon, 08 Mar 2010 13:32:32 PST
Several years ago, at least 14, I planted a couple of bulbs in a large  
pot.  I purchased them in a bag from a rack in a store, not even a  nursery.  I 
lived in Southern CA at the time, right on the beach.   They did fine.  I 
moved to Northern CA and they are still in the same pot,  very different 
climate.  They bloom every year and every year, when they  bloom I think I need 
to repot those when they are finished.  Then they fade  away and I still 
haven't repotted.  I'm almost afraid to.  They get no  special attention, they 
are out back in dappled light, winter rains, hose  spraying when I water in 
the summer. I get 2-4 blooms every year.   I do think they would increase 
and I'd get more blooms if I repot in new  soil and fertilize - or I'd lose 
Carolyn Craft, Los Gatos CA, zone 9

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