Texas Oxalis?

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        O. debilis has a bulb, the stems are weak and curving, extremely susceptible to rust. 


        O. articulata var. rubra, besides other characters has a vertical rhizome formed by several "balls" one on top of the other. Sorry for the crude non botanical description but it can not be mistaken on this alone. Scars of old petioles are clearly visible as horizontal marks on each "ball". Photos in the link you provided are correct. 





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> Hey Justin and everone -
> I have seen this *Oxalis* species identified in a variety of southern plant
> guides over the years under several names but there seems to be some
> agreement these days that it is *Oxalis debilis.** *I learned this
> plant as*O. rubra
> *as well. It is from South America as well*, *though it is widely
> naturalized from the coastal Carolinas throughout the Gulf Coast and into
> Texas. Of the three non-native pink flowered* Oxalis *that can be commonly
> found naturalized in the southeastern U.S., it the most commonly
> encountered. Of the three non-native pink flowered* Oxalis* and the
> native*O. violacaea, O. debilis
> ** *is the only one I am aware of that has the dark veining in the throat of
> the flowers and heart-shaped segments of the leaf and that are mostly
> glabrous*.**
> *There are pictures and some information at this link, though note that one
> of the pictures labeled* O.violacaea* is a slightly over exposued
> photo of*O. debilis.
> *http://florida.plantatlas.usf.edu/Results.aspx
> Alani Davis
> Tallahassee, Fl*
> *
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