New botanical-travel website: contributions needed!

Ellen Hornig
Tue, 02 Mar 2010 07:40:26 PST
(Warning: this is being cross-posted on a few lists. I apologize for any 
duplication which results.)

Greetings, all. I'm looking for contributions to a new website I'm putting 
together that will have links to as many accounts of botanical travel as I 
can round up.

My intent is to create a resource for all of us who'll never get to botanize 
as much as we wish we could, but can at least enjoy the vicarious pleasures 
of reading other peoples' accounts and admiring their pictures. This is a 
noncommercial, participation-invited, for-the-public-good enterprise. To 
this end, I would be very grateful if anyone who wants to contribute would 
send the following to me at <>:

(1) the specific URL of the botanical travel account you recommend (not just 
the website it appears on). This can be yours or someone else's.

(2) the country covered, and if you can, the region within (e.g. South 
Africa, Drakensberg). If more than 1 country or region is covered, please 
try to list them in order of their relative importance in the account (South 
Africa (Drakensberg and Eastern Cape), Lesotho)

(3) Optional, but I'd love a BRIEF summary of the contents

A few pointers:

:the journal's emphasis must be botanical (not a general travelogue with 
some plant pictures thrown in)

: the account should be free of scurrilous cultural generalizations and 
unwarranted personal references (i.e. nasty remarks about fellow travelers). 
I'll include a disclaimer, but still....nice is good.

:photo collections without an accompanying journal are welcome, but the 
photos must be adequately captioned (location, species)

:the website will be in English, but other-language accounts are welcome 
(just identify the language for me, if it's obscure)

I will also welcome:

Contact info and descriptions of botanical travel agencies/leaders of 
botanical tours/etc. No recommendation will be given or implied, nor will 
any negative commentary. A disclaimer will make clear that none of the above 
is given or implied.

Accounts of visits to botanical gardens

Links to historical accounts of botanical travel on the web?

Other? Suggestions are welcome! As I said above, the purpose is to share the 
joy of botanical travel.

My web guy and I are starting now to develop the structure (which isn't 
overly complicated, as it consists solely of organized collections of 
links). With luck, by the time that's done I'll have some content to drop 

Ellen Hornig
Seneca Hill Perennials
3712 County Route 57
Oswego NY 13126 USA 

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