Sinningia tubiflora

Jacob Knecht
Wed, 24 Mar 2010 20:40:27 PDT
Hi Brian,

I have experience growing this plant in two different climates, Los Angeles,
California & Honolulu, Hawai'i.

In L.A. it was very easily grown in the ground, going dormant each winter
without temperatures approaching 0°C and then re-sprouting with blooms in
early summer.  Summers had plenty of heat and they were grown in full
intense sun.  They didn't seem to mind winter rainfall as long as the soil
was well drained.

In Honolulu they grow both leaves and tubers vigorously but never bloom,
despite being dry-forced into dormancy each winter.  I believe it is safe to
conclude that this is due to a lack of sufficient cooling in the wintertime
as temperatures never went below 15°C on the coldest nights in winter where
I was growing them in Kaimukī.

I would recommend higher daytime temperatures and light intensity during
late spring and throughout summer.  They have proved very heat-tolerant for
me so I might suggest setting your plant high on a shelf close to the roof
of your greenhouse.



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