germination of South African Romulea?

Mary Sue Ittner
Thu, 04 Mar 2010 20:52:11 PST
I have had good germination from autumn sown seed of most species 
of  winter growing Romulea. There are some species that have proven 
difficult to impossible but looking over my data base most seed sown 
in September through early December came up in 4 to 6 weeks. It is 
one genus that in my experience has often come up in the second year 
if it doesn't come up in the first year. I just leave my pots out so 
they dry off once it stops raining here usually in May in Northern 
California. They stay dry until it starts raining again sometime in 
the fall. I don't treat the seed of this genus in any special way to 
assist in germination.

Many South African irids are reported to need a fluctuation in night 
and day temperatures to assist in germination. They get that where I 
live for fall started seed since we often have warm sunny days in the 
fall, but it cools down a lot at night.

Mary Sue

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