Bulb ordering season ?

James Waddick jwaddick@kc.rr.com
Sat, 13 Mar 2010 18:51:43 PST
Dear Friends,
	Last weekend I made a trek to Pine Knot Farms for their open 
house(amazing hellebores)  and Barry Yinger of Asiatica Nursery had a 
sales table there. So did John Lonsdale of Edgewood Garden.

	If you are not familiar with Asiatic, I urge you to take a 
look at the web site http://www.asiaticanursery.com/.

	Barry had dozens of plants for sale from tropical to woody, 
perennials and so much more. All rare and choice items. Speaking of 
bulbs he had some wonderful things for sale. I bought a few tubers of 
Arisaema. All of the Arisaema he sells are blooming size tubers of 
around 36 species and selections. They look great. Either fully 
dormant or just starting to make roots. An excellent time to get 
them, give them slightly larger pots and wait for planting season in 
the garden. Barry does not recommend watering these until they show 
signs of growth.

	He sells a few species in extra large size tubers and the 
rarest varieties are a bit more expensive, but it hard to beat these 
for quality, rarity and price. I recommend you look at these now.

	He sells a good variety to hard to find bulbous plants of 
other genera too such as Caladium (exotic Thai varieties), Crinum, 
Cardiocrinum (3 different), Lilium, Paeonia and a few Iris (another 
of my purchases). Everything just looked perfect and his web site 
induces severe plant lust.

	Meanwhile, here it continues to be chilly, dull, grey and 
damp; a good time to look at rare plants and place an order.

	I recommend you take a look.  This note is an unsolicited 
note without Asiatica consent or knowledge.

		Best		Jim W.
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