Clivia Open House. Was: ? SPRING ?

Adam Fikso
Mon, 01 Mar 2010 11:16:23 PST
Jim,.  I just discovered your blog.  Superior!   And am reading it.  Thanks. 
94 pp?  Wow! But an explanation of the NPK ratios which I 'd not been able 
to figure out on my own. No wonder--based on atomic weight  (which had not 
occurred to me) Thanks.
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> In Westfield, Indiana, we had three times the normal February
> snowfall.  Colder than normal almost every day.
> So I'm happy to have the Clivia House bursting into bud and bloom.  I'll
> post pictures in my blog later this week, at:
> For now, there are Belgian-descent "reds" (red-oranges) and plenty of
> peaches, both Chubb Peach as well as Victorian Peach.  A seedling blooming
> for the first time from two Solomone Pink parents is a nice medium to deep
> peach color.
> A seedling from Keith Hammett (his cross #82065) is showing a nice red
> coloration (deep red-orange) on its first ever bloom.
> So I'm happy that it's now March and no longer February; and I'm delighted
> to see Clivia blooms all over the greenhouse.
> If you live within driving distance of Westfield (a northern suburb of
> Indianapolis), come over on Saturday, March 13th for the Midwest Clivia
> group get-together and Open House (1 to 4 PM EST) in the clivia
> greenhouse.  For lunch at 12 noon, please RSVP to <>.
> Jim Shields
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