Narcissus miniatus
Wed, 10 Mar 2010 13:45:07 PST
I hope the following helps;

Narcissus minatus.  Donn.-Morg., Koop. & Zoom (No valid publication date)

Holotype HNT
Collector ID Ref. HK11006
Locality: Spain, Cadiz, Los Barrios.

Ref. Daffodil and Tulip Year Book 2005-2006: 22: (19-25); Illustrations (1-3)

NB. In the apparent absence of a valid publication citation and publication date this taxon's name may be treated as nom illigit.

Knowing roughly this region it would be safe to assume that it is probably not hardy to any level of frost unless when resting underground and then only very modest low temperatures. Soil type as to probable pH etc not mentioned.
Regards, Iain

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