Spring is Sprung

Jim McKenney jimmckenney@jimmckenney.com
Thu, 11 Mar 2010 06:57:29 PST
Spring peepers (tiny frogs), chorus frogs (a variation on the same theme)
and wood frogs were in full chorus yesterday afternoon here in Maryland.
Rain and temperatures up around 60 degrees F are predicted for the rest of
the week, perfect peeper weather. Peepers are right up there with sopranino
recorders, wood frogs are quacking viols. You have to listen carefully to
hear the wood frogs barking under the racket made by the peepers and chorus


A combination of natural and man-made land masses cradle the local peeper
ponds in a sort of amphitheater; the sound of the full choruses travels well
throughout the nearby residential neighborhoods. We’re about a quarter mile
away from the ponds; all I have to do to hear them is to step out onto the
deck on the back of the house. 


Magnolia stellata is showing white already!


If I wanted to make up a small bouquet to bring into the house, I would have
these to choose from: winter aconites, crocuses, snowdrops, the earliest
daffodils, witch hazels, mahonia, hellebores, winter jasmine and by this
afternoon or tomorrow, some magnolias. Wintersweet was in bloom last week,
and in some local gardens but not here winter honeysuckle is starting to


Bird song gets better daily: they know spring is here. Local geese seem very
restless now: each morning while I walk the dog one will fly overhead very
low honking loudly, as if trying to make up its mind whether to stay for the
summer or head north. 


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