Fragrance in Hippeastrum

Dell Sherk
Tue, 23 Mar 2010 13:32:06 PDT
The hybrid hipp 'Jewel,' a white double with red accents in the throat is
said to be fragrant. I can detect only a very slight fragrance and that is
slightly musty to my nose - a little like a daffodil.


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Hi All,

the subject of fragrance came up with Jim's H.brasilianum.

My H.johnsonii opened this morning...reminding me that it too has
frangrance...only I don't know that would call it that.

When my Hipps bloom, I move them to my writing desk, so I can cherish
those few precious days of the year that they actually flower...and
last year I thought maybe I was going to have to banish the
H.johnsonii to the window sill 'cuz I found it to have a

It was definitely not what I would call "sweet-smelling."

What it reminds me of is a gentler version of Angel's Trumpet
(Brugmansia 'Yellow Gold').

Anyway, I'm curious if anyone else has found species or hybrids that
have a definite fragrance/aroma?

Just curious.

-David (San Francisco/Sacramento)

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