Scadoxus puniceus at peak bloom

Adam Fikso
Mon, 08 Mar 2010 10:19:37 PST
Hmmm!  Dennis, Cincinnati is warmer than here, near Chicago.  We've got 
middle 40s for this week and  grateful for it.  I might see what's been 
under the snow by Friday

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> Those are wonderful photos and specimens!
> I'm envious of your mild climate.  Spring only just arrived here.  Temps
> forecast into the 50's for the next couple of weeks with night time temps 
> in
> the 30's.  Daffodils and tulips are finally breaking through the ground in
> celebration!  :)
> I spent Sunday afternoon scalping the foliage on all my Kniphofia clumps
> because the foliage otherwise smothers the little bulbs planted nearby...
> Iris reticulata, various muscari, tulips, etc.  I think it's time to move 
> my
> pokers out to my prairie beds where they can be as thuggish as they want.
> Dennis in Cincinnati
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