Legacy bulbs-desirable plants or weeds

Jim McKenney jimmckenney@jimmckenney.com
Wed, 17 Mar 2010 19:16:38 PDT
Aaron mentioned Lonicera x purpusii. This and one of its parents, L.
fragrantissima, are probably in bloom throughout much of North America right
now. Nothing beats these for intense, free-on-the-air scent at this time of
year. Most people describe the scent as sweet and lemon: it’s amazingly


In the garden of my dreams the bulb garden is surrounded by at tightly
clipped hedge of one of these winter honeysuckles. Once you’ve been downwind
of a big bush in full bloom, you’ll be searching for a place in your garden
to squeeze it in. The big gaunt shrub is about as homely as they come; but
the scent is glorious beyond easy description.   


The weed police must be anosmic. 


If we were really serious about eliminating all alien plants from North
America, we should start with the non-native agricultural crops such as
corn, wheat, soy beans and rice. The cultivation of this one category of
plants has displaced or outright destroyed more native plants than any other
cause. Since not one major agricultural crop is native to North America, we
would all soon commence to starve. And then we might realize that, since no
humans are native to the Americas, it’s time to move back to wherever we
came from and return to the early practice of eating only local, wild food:
entomophagy anyone? The presently burgeoning human population would soon be
hugely reduced due to malnutrition and downright starvation. This would
avert the nightmare scenario of the predicted nine billion population level
predicted by some for the near future. 


Are alien plants “invading” the countryside really the problem? Aren’t they
really just another symptom of other, deeply entrenched problems? I would
say that cleansing the countryside will only result in the removing or
obscuring of some of the evidence for those other problems. 



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